‘PAvCon Europe - The Networking Continues’

What is PAvCon Europe?

PAN/PAvCon has now morphed into PAvCon Europe. It is an association of active airborne public order support experts and specialists dedicated to the further training, information transfer  thereby driving increased safety of colleagues everywhere.


The conference brings with it opportunities for attendees to learn from others the positive and negative aspects of areas of operation they may never have experienced or even considered, to see first-hand what new products industry is working on or considering and how other operational units deal with common problems.


Many of the attendees, both speakers and delegates, are experts in their field. For the length of the conference this knowledge is a few paces away for all attendees.


It is interacting with International colleagues, industry leaders and sales staff that is at the core of PAvCon. Contacts made on the floor of the conference and its associated commercial exhibition can be a key to future help and inspiration in the workplace for decades ahead. It is not what you know but who you know and year on year PAvCon offers the opportunity to meet many of these useful contacts. The principle is that there are no secrets and everyone can learn from knowing how operations work and what advances are likely or required in the future. Police officers do not invent or develop aviation, they simply use it as a tool, but industry can potentially develop products against an identifiable need. PAvCon facilitates that link.

PAvCon Europe

Grosssoelk 29


Stein an der Enns




PAvCon Conference 2018

Warsaw May 21-22-23

For all enquiries contact us here welcome@pavconeurope.eu

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